Your favorite 'best of 2008' list's favorite 'best of 2008' list

Scattered wreckage of gift wrapping inhabits my floor. Grace is in Calgary, leaving us beasts behind to caretake. The digital world has been blooming with “Top 2008″ lists, so I had an impulse to follow tradition and make one for myself:

1. Get Your War On - Top 10 Catchphrases of 2008

“I consider myself a catchphrase connoisseur. I’m always on the hunt for the hot new bit of cultural slang that will have the office-water-cooler-chatter buzzing. 2008 was a great year for catchphrases!”

2. The Wire - Top 50 Best Albums of 2008
Well-picked albums, very accurate and reliable for ear-pleasure experiences.

3. Web Designer Wall -Best CSS Design 2008

4. National Geographic - Most viewed space photos of 2008
Take a look at the supernova picture specifically. It happened over a thousand years ago but was viewable from Earth just this year, travelling at 6,000,000mph.

5. All Hip Hop - Best of 2008
AHH included a plethora of categories for this one. Top raps (indie and mainstream), worst albums, collaborations, production, etc… Considers best new artist, Drake. And that’s right, it’s the kid from degrassi.

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