Free Klout Icon Download

I had a little bit of time on my hands so I decided I’d work on a +Klout icon. I have no idea if Klout has an embeddable +k button, but these icons can link to one’s Klout page, where another user can give you +K. Remember to give others Klout whenever you can, and [...]

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Increase User Engagement while getting free targeted backlinks

Ever have the no-comment blues? Well, it happens to all of us at one point. However, there is a way to start increasing engagement pretty quickly, and it’s free! Introducing: LiveFyre Commenting

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Tim Cook – Free PSD Download

Holy snap. Yesterday I woke up and sipped my beloved coffee reading the Apple news for the first time in my life. It’s never been something that interested me, but now I see how much news coverage they get, especially recently. As most of you have probably noticed, Apple (AAPL) news is plentiful from the [...]

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Server Headers 101 [Infographic]

SEOGadget provides Ocular Harmony an insight into what is a server response and a beautiful infographic to go along with it! Check it out! Via SEOgadget – A London based digital marketing agency specialising in conversion optimisation.

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Is a Virtual Office Right for Your Business?

If you’ve decided to go global, or to set up a small, niche business that can reap the benefits of today’s world-wide, continuously expanding business environment, you know you’ve got a lot of pragmatic tasks to solve. For one thing, the issues of staffing and headquarters set up are bound to take up a lot [...]

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Want to Promote Your Products? Then Get Your Brochure Design Right

Brochures are powerful promotional tools that help in the sale of products and services. A professional graphic designer gets the design right to make a brochure sell. Designers should use limited colors, apt fonts and relevant images for making it pop. Size and paper quality equally matters. Brochures are still considered one of the most [...]

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Your old content is collecting dust… add to it!

It’s common for old blog posts (and even on pages of corporate sites) for content to sit there collecting dust and not be updated. Well, updating content older than a year or more will actually help you from a search engine perspective! Many people ask the question: Why update old content when I can write [...]

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ProBlogDesign Homepage

Killer Websites: Homepage analysis of

The homepage is your number one most important resource you have for your site to meet its goals. What are good things to have on your homepage? What is the user looking for? These are questions you need to ask. It all comes down to prioritizing what’s important. The goal of your site should be [...]

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6 LUSCIOUS seamless patterns for your web design needs

Looking for that perfect seamless background pattern online? Here’s a few that may help. Use them for your web design, mockup, typography, etc. Whatever you can think of – they’re free!

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New logo, design, and features for Ocular Harmony

Ocular Harmony has come a long way – countless overhauls, not-so consistent blog updates, and an interesting clover-looking logo. It’s taken a long time to get things together and very little time to focus on the development of what Ocular Harmony is. Lately, I’ve been able to put more focus on where to take this [...]

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