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Why get a website?

Websites exist with one objective: to tell something to your viewers. Whether you're planning on selling discount sofas or if you're an artist looking to get exposure through the internet, we can work together to build something that exceeds your expectations.

Websites offered:

  • Small & large business websites
  • Personal Blogs
  • Portfolios and galleries
  • E-Commerce websites

What will you get?

Technology evolves so fast, so everything included in your website is using the latest advancements in design. Many web design companies won't validate the code on your website, which can be damaging in older browsers and may cause the website to break when new ones are released. Here are the feature of getting a website from Ocular Harmony:

Wordpress Content Management System

Wordpress, the most popular state-of-the-art content management system (CMS), allows you to easily edit any content on your webpage, cutting the costs of site maintenance.

Great Hosting

Farmers Markets provide you with fresh, localized fruit and veggies. Similarly, you can get fresh, localized hosting. For example, If you intend to reach a Canadian audience, Canadian hosting is the best in terms of speed and SEO perspective. For something worldwide, it's best to choose the location where your largest audience is. Ocular Harmony can help you with this.

Your website needs a spot to live, and hosting with Ocular Harmony ensures a long shelf life. At $75.00 / year (domain name registration included), your hosting fees are not only secure, but affordable too.

More Visitors

Many web companies glorify the tagline of the movie Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come". Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to websites. SEO (also know as Search Engine Optimization), helps search engines crawl your site. The more your site suits their guidelines, the happier they'll be and reward you with higher search engine rankings. All of the websites built by Ocular Harmony are tailored to suit all the mainstream search engines to boost traffic at little cost.

Clean Code

Ocular Harmony is committed to clean, validated code that will ensure your website doesn't break. Your website is scripted with the two latest technologies that were created recently this year: HTML5 and CSS3.

Cool Effects

The subtle details of a website are important. Implementing javascript into your site will display neat effects when users interact with the site, increasing user satisfaction and interactivity.


Websites include analytics software to track the number of visitors, help you understand where they're coming from, and what pages they like on your site. Whether it's the flexibility of Google Analytics or the usability of Mint Analytics, Ocular Harmony will cater to your needs.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a website depends on the features built into it. Simple websites can be priced as low as $1000, where large E-commerce sites can be quite a bit more. Ocular Harmony focuses on delivering professional websites and builds everything uniquely with you in mind. Many web companies sell cheap 'templates', which are design layouts licensed to anybody buys them, thus diminishing the unique appearance that professional companies provide. Website design provides an identity to you or your company, and as one of the number one communication tools in the world, it's important to present yourself fashionably, creatively, and professional. By buying from Ocular Harmony you can ensure the website is built exclusively for you.

Ready for a quote? Have a few questions? Please contact me and we can discuss your website.

  • Content Management System
    Edit your webpage yourself at the click of a button.
  • Clean Design
    Websites by Ocular Harmony are built with the average user in mind, making the site clean and simple to navigate.
  • Website Statistics
    Track who's visiting your website, and where they're visiting from using Google Analytics.
  • Great Hosting
    With over 99.5% uptime and at $75.00 / year, hosting with Ocular Harmony is effective and affordable.