Twitter's new premium accounts? Fake!

Rumor had it that Twitter was going to charge for premium accounts. But those new “Sparrow”, “Dove”, “Owl”, etc… subscriptions have been proven to be fake. Way to get false publicity.

But what if twitter did charge? How would people react? The original micro-blogging platform isn’t ad-supported, has no donation box, and has no ‘premium’ features, and by doing so would allow the creator to live off it, as well as add to the functionality. On the contrary, what is there to add that will make a substantial difference? I think it would probably have the facebookization treatment performed, deriving fom the simplistic concept of micro-blogging.

“Keep it simple”

Either way, I have nothing to oppose if they ever offered paid accounts given that they kept the main page simple. What Twitter does better than other social media platforms is offers a flexible API and a simple-to-use homepage, so the user has the choice on how much clutter and how much information is displayed, unlike facebook where every user is trapped inside a system where facebook controls where information is displayed.

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Robin Bastien
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  1. Ali says:

    March 29, 2009

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title twitter’s new premium accounts. Thanks for informative article