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Holy snap. Yesterday I woke up and sipped my beloved coffee reading the Apple news for the first time in my life. It's never been something that interested me, but now I see how much news coverage they get, especially recently.

As most of you have probably noticed, Apple (AAPL) news is plentiful from the last few days, and the shareholders have big smiles on their faces with the recent announcement of their share buybacks. This is on top of the recent release of the iPad 3, revolutionizing the screens we dwell under every day with its retina display, causing designers and app developers to recreate their user interfaces with higher resolution graphics. Oh... and what else you may ask?

It's not only the shareholders that are happy, but it seems Mr. Cook is cooking up a new recipe to deal with the harsh criticisms they received toward the end of last year from the viral news about Foxconns working conditions. That goes along with the discovery of many of the claims about Foxconn's working conditions being false. Undoubtedly there are still severe problems with the way Foxconn runs their death houses - suicides, long hours, and repetitive tasks are something that's quite known about them. Apple's notion to guarantee better working conditions will be very interesting to see how it pans out and what will be done. Until then, it may be better to take with a grain of salt until action has been taking.

Either way, congrats to Apple on making these moves. My fingers are crossed that they hold to this promise.

CAUTION! Gossipy Rumors below!

Apple may buy out Corel or Photoshop? I sure hope they buy Corel. It's time a good hunk of money gets dropped into creating adequate competition for professional graphics programs. This could make Photoshop & Fireworks get the upgrades they really need and allow designers to actually have an alternative to Photoshop.


The new iPhone may just be made mostly of glass. Imagine dropping one on a cement floor? Glass is quite a durable material, and it's more scratch-resistant than plastic and can't dent. Though there are concerns that if they go this route for the next iPhone, when dropped on hard surfaces - er.... you know the rest!

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Free Tim Cook PSD Download

As a result of all the latest apple hype, I created a PSD of Mr. Cook himself, with captions that you can add to it. Download it for free and share alike!

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