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Whether it's print, illustration, or web design, creativity is the key to creating that "wow" effect from viewers. The idea is to brainstorm different things that can drastically enhance the viewer's experience, whether it takes another medium, a different pen, or a strange yet usable user interface. The web is it's own art project, and each web page is a canvas. It just so happens some of it stands out more than others. Ocular Harmony is focuses on strategy and creativity in every piece to ensure your goals are accomplished.


The foundation of Ocular Harmony is to create a clean, easy to read piece. Imagine 10 people trying to squeeze through a door at once. None or a little amount of the people end up getting through the door because of the struggle. In the event that they all lined up and walked through the door, it would have been more time efficient and easier for all of them. Print design and web pages work the exact same way. When too much information is crammed onto one small area, people don't know what they're looking at, let alone understand where to start. If you were completely empty-headed about the internet and saw, would you know what its purpose? Compare it to the simplicity of Dropbox or Mint and observe the difference in how the page communicates to you. This is why cleanliness is essential for the communication of your page.

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