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Ocular Harmony doesn't sell just websites, it makes you popular on the web. Unlike high school, on the internet it's much cooler to be the teacher's pet than the rebel. By following Google's rules, you'll get a lot more popular. Search engines can penalize a website for 'misbehaving' and doing bad deeds around the internet. This includes a lot of techniques that many internet marketing companies use, not knowing it is a bad practice. For example, making text the same color as the background to get more content and keywords squeezed into a page used to be a common practice. Why was it genius? People didn't see it, and it boosted the ranking for having more content. Why is it not genius now? Search engines picked up on it and gives heavy penalties to sites that use this cheating method. The search engines know what you're up to, and know it's not authentic, which will bump you down in search engine result pages (SERPS) and Pagerank. Ocular Harmony provides "White Hat SEO", ensuring no cheating is being used.

SEO and what it means

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the website will be fine-tuned to be found easily by search engines. There are practices that the search engines like, and others that they will frown upon, and Ocular Harmony is proud to be one of those that uses ethical, effective SEO practices and strategies to get more links . That way your websites stays clear of trouble and isn't penalized. SEO is a science. By researching keywords and your competitors keywords, you can get higher ranking pages in the search engines, driving a lot more traffic to your website.

And why does this help me?

A website without visitors doesn't do much other than sit around on a server somewhere. Marketing and SEO will help drive traffic to your website without the need to advertise. When buying advertising space in a newspaper, viewers see it and throw the paper out. The money you invested is then gone or if the ad was strong, profits are returned. With internet marketing and SEO, your site can thrive with traffic without spending large sums of money.

What does Ocular Harmony do?

  • Check website coding to ensure easy-in, easy-out access for search spiders
  • Use META tags to orient target keywords to drive in traffic
  • Observe content to ensure keywords are used throughout the document
  • Analyze competitors and ensure your website has a more significant online presence
  • Build backlinks to receive traffic from referring sites


The higher pagerank your site, the better you are doing. Pagerank used to mean everything back in the day, but when it comes down to how your page ranks on the SERPS, it means little. Pagerank does, however, increase the overall value of your site on Google, which will makes your links stronger when linking to other pages, which will encourage others to reciprocate links (and better yet, provide one-way links) to you. Pagerank is a Google-only thing, so it won't help your rankings on Bing, Altavista, or Yahoo.

Internal Optimization

Internal SEO is building the website to appeal to the search engines. By choosing Ocular Harmony, you're assured to get internal SEO whether you decide to get an Internet Marketing package or not. This involves researching competitors and keyword traffic and giving each page unique titles, descriptions, footer text, headers, and overall content and ensure proper keyword placement so Google and other search engines will know the subject of the site.

External Optimization

External Optimization involves getting links to point to your website. Unfortunately, many companies don't know proper linking tactics. For example, aggressive linking is when someone gets a lot of links pointing to a website in a short amount of time, and links to your site are good, right? No, not when there's a lot of them in little time. When you take too much Tylenol, it can invert the desired results. External Optimization is the same way, it's best in smaller quantities.

Don't get Scammed

If you choose to have another company do the marketing for your website, a popular quote comes in handy: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Internet Marketing is filled with people taking advantage of clients. It is filled with schemes such as "Get submitted to 500 search engines for $20!". Sure it sounds great, and sure being submitted to 500 search engines doesn't hurt, but the truth is that 99% of the world uses Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Altavista. The other 496 will not bring you any traffic. Consult with an SEO specialist before making any Internet Marketing decisions.

  • Ethical SEO
    Ocular Harmony hates cheating. All marketing to make your site popular is 100% healthy and Google will love you for it.
  • Included with your website
    All websites are optimized as they're being built, so they have much more going for them when they launch. With proper external SEO and link building, your page will take off well.
  • Affordable
    Marketing will be most effective when you get a fresh new website where in-site optimization is free. Off-site optimization is affordable. Oh, and you'll get a discount if you get it with a website. Let me know if you're interested and we can kick things off.