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Get exposure

The two fundamental ways of getting known are through reality, and through the internet. While your website and online advertising takes care of exposure through the internet, it's important to get exposure outside of it, especially if you target a local market. Ocular Harmony is here to help your business to step up to the next level and beat your competition


Posters are a great way of promoting your brand, service, band, or event through guerrilla exposure. If you are just starting up and looking for an affordable way of promotion, posters can meet the streets by posting or wheatpasting them. All posters include precise, eye-catching typography for clear communication to the viewers.

Package Design

Ocular Harmony also specializes in creating packages for products. Whether you just released a new EP or you need a neat looking price tag for your t-shirts, Ocular Harmony can provide it for you.


If you're looking for a full package including printing, I can search for a well-priced printer for you or recommend one if you would like to do it yourself.

How much does it cost?

Print work is dependent on the size of the project. It's fair to assume $20.00/hour for a small print project, and cheaper if it's a larger project. Please visit the contact page if you would like a quote.

Print Design
  • Posters
    Expose your event, product, band, or service with a poster.
  • T-shirts
    Wear a catchy design that will interest viewers.
  • Package Design
    Packaging is one of the main factors that will influence someone to choose you over a competitor. Ocular Harmony will make your package glow.