Ocular Harmony has a new design

So I have finally switched to the new Ocular Harmony skin. Seems like change really is “in” this year. The aim was to have a more sleek, professional website feel so it can appeal to a large audience while making it easier to navigate. Here’s some of the things I’ve done:

  • Changed the background to white, for a minimalist look instead of the old dark gray that was a lot more popular last year
  • Integrated a few hover effects on the footer paragraphs
  • Added a Contact Me mail box when you hover over the mail icon on the nav bar
  • Portfolio page is really cleaned up. Really. No more coda slide, and conveniently listed all pieces on one page with filters across the top
  • Reskinned and updated WordPress, and activated a dofollow plugin
  • New logo! Look closely and you’ll notice it’s composed of four “O”s and four “H”s, for Ocular Harmony. Very subtle detail; however something that’s easy to remember and it’s fulfilling to have meaning in the logo

Old Ocular Harmony Design

As Matt Mullenweg always says, code is poetry. If you have any suggestions for the new site, feel free to make them here.

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Robin Bastien
Howdy! I'd the head of Ocular Harmony. I spend most of my time designing, reading beatnick literature, and pounding sound waves of experimental pulsation into my brain's frontal lobes. Contact me if you have any questions!

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