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Ocular Harmony began as a portfolio page for when I attended a New Media & Publication Design program at Heritage Cegep in Gatineau. I realized that design is a lifestyle. I learned that I must "live design" or would fall behind. A extensive amount of research went into learning design terminology, the aesthetics of strong design, SEO, Web Development, and typography. Six years and many websites later, Ocular Harmony has expanded into a professional website offering design services.

"The Web is a Canvas"

Everything you've ever visualized has the potential to be artwork. Creativity has always tried to be reproduced by quick and easy methods to do things that never end up with the best result. For example, in the 60's construction companies saved a lot of profits by recreating the same building design several hundred times. But do those buildings live up to the ones that an architect builds? The web is very similar, and I stick to the creative side. Please contact me for your creative needs.

My Design Philosophy

Above anything else, Ocular Harmony supports ethical, eco-friendly business practices. No websites will be considered for creation if belonging to the adult industry, if derogatory toward a group or person, or supports unethical business practice or behavior. Physical documents are printed on recycled paper, and professional printing is generally done through Green Printer, a Canadian eco-friendly printing service.

Ocular Harmony's philosophy on web design is to observe the fundamentals of what a website is, does, and has the potential to do. A website is an information outlet published to a medium with global accessibility, known as the world wide web. There are three core parts of having an effective webpage. Layout, content, and SEO.

The layout should be a clean design oriented toward the target audience. I follow a rule of implementing an effective, easy to navigate design to all the sites I create. I believe in using the layout as a method of communication itself to reflect the personality of the site or business. As an enthusiast of The Grid System, a grid system is superimposed over every finalized layout to ensure it has perfect alignment.

Strong, well-delivered content targeted at the correct audience is what communicates the message of your website, so having powerful writing is mandatory to deliver your message effectively. I inspect all the content and will ensure a hierarchy of importance is applied to headers, quotes, and articles so the most important messages are communicated first and foremost. The text is also analyzed for spelling and grammar errors.

Search Engine Optimization
A website doesn't do much unless people read it. SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines have certain algorithms for calculating the importance of a web page and measuring where to place it in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) on the basis of keywords. I write all webpages with search engines in mind, and am sure to make them as search engine friendly as possible. I also offer internet marketing services to promote the site even further.

    The fundamental languages for creating a website
  • PHP
    A dynamic language enabling you to connect to a database and have a more interactive website
  • Wordpress
    Wordpress is a world-famous Content Management System making it easier for you to edit the content on your website
  • Magento E-Commerce
    An extremely robust open source E-Commerce platform
  • Illustration
    I draw!
  • Adobe CS3
    Used for creating nearly all my web and print designs
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization brings you to the top of Google and other popular search engines. This is crucial!