New logo, design, and features for Ocular Harmony

Ocular Harmony has come a long way - countless overhauls, not-so consistent blog updates, and an interesting clover-looking logo. It’s taken a long time to get things together and very little time to focus on the development of what Ocular Harmony is. Lately, I’ve been able to put more focus on where to take this site and focus on its development and growth. Here’s what’s up and coming.

New Logo

A new logo will be revealed soon, created by one of our close partners at Une Banane. It will be sharp!

New Design

Though revamping many times, Ocular Harmony hasn’t had much of a very strong, permanent incarnation in terms of UI. As a web development company, this is certainly important. The new design will be aesthetically pleasing and make the blog much easier to read, as well as significant changes to the homepage.

New Services

With all the other workers partnered with Ocular Harmony, new services such as Motion Graphics, Audio/Sound, and Mobile Apps will be available for your company’s growth.

Massive Blog Changes

This one’s a biggie. The blog section will become one of the most prominent parts of Ocular Harmony. There will be video tutorials being offered showing some of the creative processes for your inspiration. On top of that, these will always remain free. There will also be new blog writers, and more frequent posts. If you’re interested in becoming a writer, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Graphic Tees

In the future, silk-screened graphic tees will likely be available for purchase (and for free giveaways!).

Have any ideas? Think there’s something about the current site that needs to be let go of when switching to the new design?

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Reeha@printer toners 5 pts

This is my first post about ocular harmony and i really get a new and valuable things here. 

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