Your old content is collecting dust… add to it!

It’s common for old blog posts (and even on pages of corporate sites) for content to sit there collecting dust and not be updated. Well, updating content older than a year or more will actually help you from a search engine perspective!

Many people ask the question: Why update old content when I can write new content? New content is seen as important because Google sees your site growing, so it’s a great question. Now, remember that that time you bought organic food and it went bad a kajillion times faster than food with preservatives? That’s just like old content… it goes bad at a faster rate than you’d like (not to diss organic food, I love the stuff - I’m just a pig and eat it quickly).

Old content can be updated and the more substantial you update it, the more it will revitalize its freshness factor. This includes better rankings and the links on the page will fill up with more link juice to pass on to linked pages.

For additional reading, this SEOmoz article does an excellent job of explaining the benefits of updating old content.

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Reeha@printer toners 9 pts

Nice suggestion for all bloggers and content writers. thanks for giving this nice tip to all of us. from now i will keep it in my mind.

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