About Illustration

Digital Arts have more or less replaced the illustration craze in the earlier 20th century. Ocular Harmony provides illustration for print or for the web. The advantage that illustrations have over digital creations are that they are organic and hand drawn, breaking modern design conventions, thus sticking out of the crowd.

For example, when color offset printing was popularized in the industrial revolution, everybody wanted color prints to stick out of the crowd. One person then increased their exposure exponentially by printing his artwork in black and white, which stuck out like a sore thumb. In a world where digital creation is dominant, hand drawn posters are one of the few things that can really catch people's eyes.

Get Illustration

Ocular Harmony delivers your poster, advertisement, or other document with a hand-drawn, personal touch. Incorporating surrealism, color, and visual hierarchy, your illustration will be perfect indoors for viewing or outdoors for exposure. To inquire about illustration, please contact me.


These are artists who's style has influenced mine and inspired me to illustrate:

Seripop John Howard Autodestrukt Dave Choe

Features / Materials
  • Organic Look
    Get eye-catching results with a humanized look
  • Fineliner Medium
    Perfect for poster printing, fineliners draw very accurate, controllable bold lines.
  • Pencil Medium
    Pencils are great for outlines, typography, rough sketches and gradients.
  • Digital Color
    The infusion of both illustration and digital arts brighten up the piece with a classic look and vibrant colors.