6 LUSCIOUS seamless patterns for your web design needs

Looking for that perfect seamless background pattern online? Here’s a few that may help. You can use them for all sorts of things, not just the obvious. Here’s some ideas:

  • The obvious: Web design backgrounds and graphic design
  • Perfect for your mother’s garage sale flyers!
  • Photoshop this pattern over George Bush’s head and see how he looks
  • Print out a few of them and make them into a halloween costume (Free Ocular Harmony shirt for whoever actually does this)

Here’s some examples of them being put to use after being regurgitated through photoshop:

Feel free to distribute, just keep it in the ZIP it came in with the credit document. It includes 6 seamless JPEG images.

Download Pattern Pack Now

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Reeha@printer toners 9 pts

these designs are best to change your web designs often so that whenever your customers come in they found a new environment here. thanks for sharing. 

You always need to change your designs and themes so that people like it. People always want to see something new and at time people get boared of the old.

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