Getting Mailchimp for free

mailchimp-tnWho is the email monkey? Why, it must be MailChimp, known as one of the best email marketing tools out there. Unlike many email / newsletter companies, MailChimp provides a timeless free plan up to 500 newsletter subscribers. Moreover, if you have a website that picked up enough traffic, you can get free usage of their paid plans by simply adding a link to the bottom of your newsletters or a link.

Get Mailchimp, and hit the giant “Sign up free” button

You’re taken to a form. Fill er’ out!


After filling out the form and confirming your email address, you’re taken to the login screen Mailchimp-login

In the top right corner, click “account”


Click “Monkey Rewards”. Scroll down until you see text link code, and simply use it in websites to encourage people to sign up, giving you money for use on MailChimp. And voila!


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