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Logo Design

A logo is crucial for a business for people to remember you. Whether you're a local business and want people to know you around the city, or large scale and want to build an online presence, people will remember you with a strong name and logo. Ocular Harmony offers simple yet effective, easy-to-remember logos for businesses starting out or rebranding. In conjunction with a stationary system package, you'll be off to the printer and ready to promote in no time.

Stationary Systems (business cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc)

Stationary systems are the professional paper works that you use to promote yourself. Business cards are an essential for spreading the word, while letterheads and envelopes present your business as professional. If you're feeling really fancy, you can order personalized mugs which allow people to wake up every morning with your business.

Get a Stationary System

Stationary systems start at $150, and printing can be provided. Together we will discuss logo ideas, which will be presented into sketches, and revised to best suit you and your business. They will then be published into a vector figure, which will allow you to scale and print the logo at any size. These will then be sent off to the printer, and the final results are produced. Please contact me if you're interested in getting a stationary system.

  • Logo Design
    Logos are kept clean, simple, and effective for easy remembrance.
  • Business Cards
    Put your business into the people's hands. Business Cards are excellent for giving to clients and even leaving a few in public places for people to find.
  • Letterheads
    Letterheads are the design at the top and bottom of the paper you use for professional documents. Includes your logo, tagline, and contact information.
  • Envelopes
    Look professional with your custom envelopes. Even Canada Post will be recognizing your logo!
  • Mugs & Pens
    Offering free mugs and pens will remind people of your company around their house.