1. Getting Mailchimp for free

    Learn how to get extra credits on MailChimp without having to pay

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  2. Rupture: Free WordPress Theme

    Rupture is a free “premium” Wordpress theme I created with a flexible interface, and perfect for any blogger. It features a “spacey” look with glows, and some flashy jazz from HTML5 and CSS3. Check it out!

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  3. A website is more than just good design

    It’s the raison d’être for any designer to make things look pretty—and web designers are no different. I started my design career as a web designer almost ten years ago—a long time in Internet years. Before I went freelance I had a number of jobs that exposed me to all the facets of producing websites: [...]

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  4. 10 great off-white websites

    Okay wait a minute, something’s not white here. This post showcases clean websites that use off-white designs to create a subtle, unsaturated background effect.

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  5. Google Algorithm Changes 2009

    Google has been adding a lot of new stuff to their search engine that may benefit or harm your site. Read about them here.

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  6. 10 Ways to be a More Efficient Freelance Web Designer

    Looking to be a well-rounded freelancer? Here are ten methods of developing your professional self including time management, resources, attitude, and more. Bookmark this and keep it for future reference or subscribe to the RSS feed to get new posts delivered to you.

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  7. Flash is (usually) Bad

    Let’s face it. As flash sites are seen as glorious creations to some, they are terrible to others. Why? Their freedom in creativity is versatile, but on the expense of accessibility, usability, updating, and even plugging into social media. Which do you support?

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