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  2. Mar29

    Great cigarette package design

    Alright, so seeing someone having a drag at a bus stop may not be the most appealing sight in the world; however, some of their package design can be. It’s rare that you see cigarette advertising because of the legality issues, but through packaging, many tobacco companies managed to make profit because of their design. [...]

  3. Mar19

    Twitter's new premium accounts? Fake!

    Rumor had it that Twitter was going to charge for premium accounts. But those new “Sparrow”, “Dove”, “Owl”, etc… subscriptions have been proven to be fake. Way to get false publicity. But what if twitter did charge? How would people react? The original micro-blogging platform isn’t ad-supported, has no donation box, and has no ‘premium’ [...]

  4. Mar08

    Making strong decisions with a designer, developer, or marketer

    When a person looks for a designer, it’s important to know what to look for. I’ve been hired in the past for projects requesting to do things outside the project guidelines. Where this can be something that is flexible and can usually still be done, it is important to know what to look for and [...]

  5. Feb20

    Sonic Youth - The Eternal

    Sonic Youth - The Eternal It’s official, The Eternal will be released June 9th on Matador Records. The sound of the album is claimed to be a combustion of all their material from the dissonance of their s/t album to the poppy tunes of Rather Ripped. As Murray Street and Sonic Nurse had the ‘quintet’ [...]

  6. Feb15

    Exp Etc

    EXP ETC explores a diverse array of experimental from harsh mind-bleedin noise to the African grooves of Fela Kuti. The prepackaged package of goodies in this MP3 blog includes links to the 50 albums of Merzbow‘s MERZBOX, which slowly I am acquiring. Just take a look and the sidebar, it lists plenty of album downloads. [...]

  7. Feb08

    David Choe - Hendrix, I can't see you, and more

    A heavy inspiration of my own work, “Thumbs Up” (watch online) pioneer and superior weirdart guru David Choe completed this visually stimulating piece HENDRIX. check out his blog at http://davechoe.blogspot.com/

  8. Jan02

    Top Albums of 2008

    Upon reading The Wire magazine‘s top 50 albums of 2008, I was inspired to share my own favorites of the year. TEN Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace Skin Graft’s Hospitals again have used their full potential to produce noisy no-wave ear brutality. It’s as if LSD was a sound and had the same effect to the [...]

  9. Dec27

    Half Gentleman, Not Beasts

    Pumping Half Japanese at 4 in the ayy-emm while working on illustrations. Email for prints!

  10. Dec

    Your favorite 'best of 2008' list's favorite 'best of 2008' list

    Scattered wreckage of gift wrapping inhabits my floor. Grace is in Calgary, leaving us beasts behind to caretake. The digital world has been blooming with “Top 2008″ lists, so I had an impulse to follow tradition and make one for myself: 1. Get Your War On - Top 10 Catchphrases of 2008 “I consider myself [...]

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