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  2. Jun28

    10 Ways to be a More Efficient Freelance Web Designer

    Looking to be a well-rounded freelancer? Here are ten methods of developing your professional self including time management, resources, attitude, and more. Bookmark this and keep it for future reference or subscribe to the RSS feed to get new posts delivered to you.

  3. Jun21

    Flash is (usually) Bad

    Let’s face it. As flash sites are seen as glorious creations to some, they are terrible to others. Why? Their freedom in creativity is versatile, but on the expense of accessibility, usability, updating, and even plugging into social media. Which do you support?

  4. Jun08

    Creating stunning, detailed typography with Illustrator

    Looking to make hand-drawn, detailed typography? Here’s a how-to for creating it and a walkthrough of my “Justice” typographic illustration.

  5. Jun02

    Google Wave: The next wave of social media?

    As the next major tool in the internet world, Google Wave will combine social media, email, instant messaging, and more into a single platform. Will this affect the traffic of social media sites if Wave extensions offer as much flexibility as the sites themselves?

  6. May01

    Designing a logo from scratch part 2: drawing and illustrating

    Ah, it’s finally here! The follow-up article to “Designing a Logo: Creative Brainstorming”. This tutorial goes over the visual process of designing a logo with your hand and giving it the vector treatment using Illustrator or another vector pen-based graphic program that you have.

  7. Apr27

    Making a perfect grid-aligned website using Gridfox and Firebug

    Have you ever sliced a layout, only for it not to be grid-aligned once it’s scripted? This post explains what to do in this situation to restore the appearance of the website. Thanks to Eric Puidokas, there is a program that adds a grid overlay in Firefox itself, and in combination with Firebug, you receive [...]

  8. Apr25

    Designing a logo from scratch part 1: Creative Brainstorming

    This is the beginning of a new blog series I’m started based on doing brand identity design / a website from start to finish. Stay tuned for additions! Brainstorming! I’m going to introduce a two-step process for generating ideas effectively to further your skills in creating a brand. Given that you are working for a [...]

  9. Apr06

    Why content should become your baby

    I was sitting in the office today and heard about a phone call, inspiring me to write this post. The client wanted us to write the company history. Now, not only did we not know the history, but the content of your website is the reason the website exists and should be written with care, [...]

  10. Apr04

    Ocular Harmony has a new design

    So I have finally switched to the new Ocular Harmony skin. Seems like change really is “in” this year. The aim was to have a more sleek, professional website feel so it can appeal to a large audience while making it easier to navigate. Here’s some of the things I’ve done: Changed the background to [...]

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