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  2. Nov23

    Getting Mailchimp for free

    Learn how to get extra credits on MailChimp without having to pay

  3. Oct11

    6 sets of free web icons

    Looking around the web and can’t find an icon set that works with your website? I’ve seen a lot of “Ultimate list of free icons” posts, but what about the ones for simply making websites? I often find there are a lot of general computer icons, holiday themed icons, and not even icons at all [...]

  4. Sep08

    Rupture: Free WordPress Theme

    Rupture is a free “premium” Wordpress theme I created with a flexible interface, and perfect for any blogger. It features a “spacey” look with glows, and some flashy jazz from HTML5 and CSS3. Check it out!

  5. Sep

    A website is more than just good design

    It’s the raison d’être for any designer to make things look pretty—and web designers are no different. I started my design career as a web designer almost ten years ago—a long time in Internet years. Before I went freelance I had a number of jobs that exposed me to all the facets of producing websites: [...]

  6. Aug31

    10 great off-white websites

    Okay wait a minute, something’s not white here. This post showcases clean websites that use off-white designs to create a subtle, unsaturated background effect.

  7. Aug23

    Google Algorithm Changes 2009

    Google has been adding a lot of new stuff to their search engine that may benefit or harm your site. Read about them here.

  8. Aug18

    5 great Monkey-themed websites

    We’re walking into some monkey business here. 5 neato website-themed design sites to check out.

  9. Aug06

    15 beautiful resources for typography

    This roundup covers everything including a typography forum, font resources, web type, print type, and a type-worthy CSS gallery.

  10. Jul13

    Daniel Diggle Interview

    Daniel James Diggle is an illustrator and web designer from London, UK. Check out the fresh work and interview

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