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  2. Jul28

    25 Best Examples of Negative Space Typography in Web Design

    As any web designer will tell you, the most important design aspect of a website is its typography. When it’s done right, you hardly notice it at all, but when it’s done wrong, it screams of amateurishness and low budgets. We’re all sick of seeing the same old tried and tested fonts online, but very [...]

  3. Mar26

    What do you do when you’re not designing?

    The online design community has one similar trait between all of us: we all love design. So we talk about design, freelancing, business, etc. How about something different for a change? This post is a discussion thread for what you do when you’re not designing. Design can be a very computer-oriented task, especially if you’re [...]

  4. Mar15

    Why you should (or shouldn’t) have your website redesigned

    As a strong advocate of the addiction called “redesignitis”, the Ocular Harmony blog main page has been updated to a fresher, more unique look (go check it out!). In fact, the entire site has changed layouts in the past two weeks. Expect these post pages to get the overhaul soon too. This gets on the [...]

  5. Mar08

    Why too much SEO / marketing is a waste of time

    Working with different business owners and entrepreneurs, many of us see the web like they do: “the more exposure…the better”. Besides, the point of having a website to get exposure…right? Online marketing and SEO has come a long way. There are so many different activities you can do now to promote yours or your client’s [...]

  6. Mar03

    15 Typographic Designs from Behance

    Behance is a social network that’s getting more and more popular for creative professionals. The amount of portfolio content on that site is remarkable and they have even launched Typography Served, a website showcasing many of the great typographic pieces. If you dig into Behance, you will notice a lot of overlooked projects. Here’s what [...]

  7. Mar01

    Idea engineering: Making your content unique

    How many times have you scratched your chin too hard when seeing a compelling blog article filled with a mysterious sense of insight hoping it would be on your own blog….but isn’t? Well now, scraping away the ideas that have been done before helps you stand out of the crowd. This is what I call [...]

  8. Feb24

    20 of the Most Iconic Logos

    Logos, or logotypes, are the symbols that companies use to brand their products and allow the consumer to instantly link an emblem, set of words or even a colour scheme to merchandise. Successful marketing can create trust and brand loyalty, and good design work can attach iconic logos to these brands. This post brings together [...]

  9. Feb07

    Create Abstract Eye-Catching Typography

    Learn how to create designs within the type to provide exceptional detail.

  10. Jan12

    Great Typographic Product Design

    Does it ever happen that you walk into the store and snoop around for whatever you’re looking for and end up getting the one with the sweetest packaging? It certainly helps me decide, especially when it’s a small company that really puts a lot into their identity. Here’s some inspiration to those who dig sweet [...]

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