15 beautiful resources for typography

typotheque-excerptTypography addict huh? As some of the following have already been popularized and others not, these sites are inspirational in the sense that they include rich, beautiful typographic elements.

The roudup covers everything from selected type foundries to web-type inspiration. Take a look at everything here thoroughly and you’ll warp into a better typographer without even knowing it.

Here we go!

  1. Hoefler & Frere-Jones
    Although being the easiest domain name to remember with anything regarding typography, Hoefler & Frere-Jones sell high-end fonts (and nice ones too). Although the cost of the fonts doesn’t fit everyone’s wallets, the cost of viewing their site is free, and it’s beautiful.Hoefler & Frere-Jones website type
  2. Typography Served
    Run and integrated with Behance, Typography Served serves as a great place to showcase some of the best typography submitted to Behance.
  3. Siteinspire’s “typography” section
    Siteinspire is a credible CSS gallery breaking down websites into categories. Check out their Typography section.
  4. I love Typography
    This again? It’s been all over the internet, but such a great resource that it’s worth mentioning again. One of the most infamous typography blogs on the net.
  5. Typeculture
    Exploring the inner workings of type, typeculture is the homepage of Mark Jamra and sells fonts and has an “academic resource” which has some excellent articles about typography. Check it out!
  6. The Font Feed
    Both their font blog (‘type tips’) and Handpicked Typefaces section are worth taking a look at, especially their Festive Engraved Type tutorial (I’m a sucker for vintage style type!)
  7. The Grid System
    Learn about the integration of grids with typography. Search for “Vertical Rhythm” and that’s where your web type gets to the nitty gritties.
  8. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
    This is where you will learn everything about web typography. Don’t understimate the website’s power by basing it on it’s background, the content is rich. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the web is something that would benefit every web designer and make the web a better place. And once CSS3 comes out, an even BETTER place.
  9. The Typographers Calendar
    Now here’s a niche notepad that’s right up there with Action Books and Moleskines. Not only does it have multiple grid types in the book for typographic creation, but also has a nice website :)
  10. Typotheque
    With a higher selection yet higher price than Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Typotheque is a great resource for those knee deep in letters.
    Wow, these typographers are in the process of making a program to help you practice your typography skills. Keep an eye on the progress!
  12. Typophile
    So there’s finally a place to connect with others equally as happy about type as you are in this forum site.
  13. Death by Kerning
    Shikha’s typography blog covers packaging, and print type. Don’t underestimate it for being on Blogspot!
  14. Fontstruct
    An amazing tool for online font creation. Something you can spend hours on
  15. Swiss Legacy
    Oh sweet sweet type blogs…


  16. BONUS SITE : Type Tweets
    Guess what it’s about? There’s a twitter API for everything now, and Type Tweets is amongst the best for us typeheads.
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I absolutely love the Typographer's Calendar. I'm very much prefer tactile tools for projects (I love old school methods of art better than graphics just because I can touch and manipulate them with my hands), and the calendar is sooo awesome.

Second best is Death by Kerning. Too cute.

Also! I suppose I missed the site redesign, but it's absolutely brilliant. Well done. :)


Thanks for the DBK shout-out! -Shikha


Thanks a lot for mentioning siteInspire. Some nice other sites here that I haven't seen before.


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