15 Typographic Designs from Behance

Behance is a social network that’s getting more and more popular for creative professionals. The amount of portfolio content on that site is remarkable and they have even launched Typography Served, a website showcasing many of the great typographic pieces. If you dig into Behance, you will notice a lot of overlooked projects. Here’s what I found digging through Behance that I found highly inspirational:

Garrett Olinger

Garrett Olinger

Mash Creative - Mark Bloom

Homepage: mashcreative.co.uk
Twitter: @MashCreative
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Mark Bloom 1
Mark Bloom 2

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan - Recycle

Colin Bright

What a great idea for a school project too, they are provided with an area code and were to typographically experiment with it for the phone book cover. I wish my teachers did something like this!
Colin Bright - Phonebook

Robert Missen

Robert Missen - Illustrated Typography


Homepage: Parachute

David Brier (a branding Jedi)

Homepage: Rising Above the Noise
Twitter: @DavidBrier
Oh, and David wrote a book too! Rising Above the Noise
David Brier - Branding Jedi

Font Fresh

Homepage: Typographics
This one really should count as five pieces, as it takes up half of the page length. Certainly worth the addition, kudos to Font Fresh!
We Are The People - Anno 2010

Paulo W

Fonts Page: Intellecta Design @ MyFonts
Intellecta Design

James Davies

James Davies

George Birch

George Birch - THC
George Birch - The Devil's in the Detail

Erik Trysberg

Homepage: De:Try
Erik Trysberg

Rachel Herzig

An ambigram! Totally love this one, pick up your notebook and flip it over or rotate your head in an odd manner and see how both words are identical, but flipped.
Rachel Herzig - Flip Over

Zen Killa

Homepage: Zenkilla.com
Zen Killa - Paper Face

Barral Fabien

Homepages: Barral Fabien - Portfolio
Fabien Barral - Backyard Wine Packaging

Which ones do you enjoy, and why? You can also add me on Behance or Twitter.

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  1. jared thompson says:

    March 3, 2010

    big fan of mash creative!

  2. A u d e e says:

    March 21, 2010

    I like Robert Missen and James Davies designs.
    Nice collection Robin! Thanks for sharing :)