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Making you a gorgeous, clean website is our main goal as a company. An important part of having a website with an impact is hiring an expert web designer. Many designers don’t take SEO, User Experience, and conversion rates into consideration. We believe those are crucial parts of a website. Plan your online strategy with Ocular Harmony, get a slick conversion rate, and be a celebrity on the search engines. Have a look at our Web Design Services.

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Web Design Blog

Impress your clients. This blog provides plenty of articles, videos, and tutorials about online success, UI/UX, SEO, and conversion rates.

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  • Free Klout Icon Download - I had a little bit of time on my hands so I decided I’d work on a +Klout icon. I have no idea if Klout has an embeddable +k button, but these icons can link to one’s Klout page, where another user can give you +K. Remember to give others Klout whenever you can, and [...]

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Increase User Engagement while getting backlinks
Livefyre and other newer commenting systems are doing a great job at increasing user engagement and also providing backlinks.

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